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Hi! Thanks for checking to see what’s new with me 😉


I’m excited to be attending ‘UtopYA: A YA conference for women authors and the readers who love them’  in the beginning of July!!  Check ’em out:






Totally not writing related: I’ve been asked to be the department head for the new Floral Design section of the TN State Fair!! I’m excited about this and thought was a fun and cool opportunity. So if you’re local and like to create floral arrangements or wreaths (live or artificial) in any creative capacity, come ENTER!! There are prizes and it will be fun!!

Tennessee State Fair 2012




2 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Fan#14 says:

    What are your plans with the Alandria series? I personally felt the first book ended too abruptly. It didn’t really have an ending, just stopped almost mid sentence. Will this be a common thread in your books? Loved the story but was unsatisfied unfortunately with the ending. Felt like you stopped the book too soon, there was more of the story to tells

    • morganwylie says:

      Hi! First off, thank you for reading my book!! Thank you for taking the time to comment as well 🙂 I agree with you the book did end abruptly. I do not plan on ending the next books that abruptly. I do like a bit of a cliffhanger, but I know that one was extreme. I had originally written the draft much longer, but couldn’t find an appropriate place to stop to separate book 1 and 2. The good news is that book 2 is almost finished so I hope to have that out end of Summer/early Fall. There are several books and possible novellas planned out with this series and I hope you stick around for the next installment in the Alandria series. Also, please feel free to visit my current site http://www.morganwylie.net as I am no longer using this blog and will be disconnecting it soon. Thank you for your questions. I appreciate your support!! ~Morgan

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