5 Reasons Why I Write…

Why write?… “We write to make suffering endurable, evil intelligible, justice desirable and love possible… But the most important is love. That after all the suffering, all the injustice, all the evil that one sees in the world, if you can rise above it and make it beautiful, and thus lovable then that’s worth a life” — Roger Rosenblatt

For some reason I have been thinking about this lately- Why do I write?  I think the answer to this will be evolving, but for why I started writing here are 5 reasons…

1. I write because they won’t shut-up.  I remember writing stories when I was a kid and years later had ideas and thoughts of grandeur about someday writing a book. However, and unfortunately, due to some “distractions” in my life I gave up (willfully or perhaps not) the hope and dream of writing fiction.  Always in the back of mind was a whisper, a tendril, a thread of desire to write- to create; it nagged to be released from the cage that I had locked it in.  Now that I have unleashed it and allowed it freedom, it is constantly on my mind.  I hear the voices of my characters randomly throughout the day (and night) whispering to me how they would respond, interact with other characters, where they are headed next, etc.  Yes, I realize that are clinical definitions for people who “hear the voices”, but among my peers we are called writers.  I have given them life through writing and they are not willing to be quieted until their story is told.

2. I write because I read. The reasons I write are similar to the reasons I read.  I started reading fiction again after years of putting it up on a shelf (yes, both literally and figuratively) as circumstances in my life started getting more stressful and to be honest, I needed an escape.  That’s what I found once again in fiction.  I was able to flee into someone else’s life: to be apart of a new adventure each time I opened a new book, to meet new friends, to be the heroine, to be in control of my destiny when IRL I felt at a loss, to fall in love all over again with the hero (please note that I have my very own IRL hero that I fall in love with more and more everyday), to slay the bad guys and to gain the victory, and to travel not only all over the world but also to discover other dimensions, realms, and new worlds.

3. I write for others. For all those same reasons I read, I write with a hope for the future opportunity to be able to share with others.  I hope to be able to provide for others what books have provided for me.  Not only escape, but also the chance to experience life with all it’s challenges, losses, fears, hopes, dreams, and most importantly love through the eyes of others.

4. I write for me. Now in my early 30’s, I find I am finally discovering more of who I am and becoming more confident in myself as an adult.  I write for me.  I find more of myself each time I write, discovering and growing into the woman I am trying to be.  I write for me because I need a creative outlet.  Sometimes, I find that if I’m struggling with trying figure out something in my real life it will come to me when my character is trying to sort through something and vice a versa.  Writing has become a part of me, changed me and continually causes me to grow.  I write for me because I LOVE it.

5. I write because above all else, I have a story to tell.


Goals 2010

So I was cleaning out my “Draft” folder and realized I never actually posted the following little bit and it was a good reminder to me (even though the year is almost at it’s end) the goals and ideas I had for myself at the beginning of this year.  So much has changed this year, but these are still my underlying goals (ok, so obviously the blogging goal didn’t go so good but I’ll keep trying) so I thought it would still be a good idea to post it:

Every time I sit down to write goals, I find myself getting overwhelmed trying to get too detailed or too ambitious or too realistic (granted there is a place to think big beyond what you think is possible and realistic, a place to get detailed down to the nitty gritty to make a step by step plan, and a place to be practical and realistic to your lifestyle and available time).  This time, in order to get pen to paper so to speak, I’m just going to bullet-point the goals I want to focus on for this year.  Disclaimer: these goals are subject to change, to be added to or altered, as I continue to think about them.

My “One Little Word” I chose for a theme word to focus on when I’m feeling devoid of inspiration and needing a focus is CREATE.

  • Write  1500 words/day or more
  • Finish my novel
  • Balance being momma, wife, and writer
  • Blog 2x a week

Simple Resolve

I’m working on my goals for 2010. I’ve only been making goals and trying to follow them and accomplish them for the last couple years; I guess I just wasn’t ever very focused before. My husband is a goal setter and for the most part a goal achiever. He’s an extremely inspiring man and I’m a better me because of him.

Every time I sit down to hammer out my goals, I come up blank or I get a headache or I write gibberish. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m trying too hard, maybe I’m over-analyzing the details and just not getting the spirit of the act. So I’m trying a new approach this year. I’ve been inspired by two different avenues: once by Ali Edwards and her One Little Word 2010 and a couple that’s friends of mine and their several simple words. I’m still going to work on the detailed part of my goals because I believe it’s important to get specific to stay on track and know where I’m headed, but these words will be the guiding, over-seeing, inspiration behind the practical.

As I already mentioned in a previous post my  One Little Word 2010 is: CREATE