“The Editing Itch”… Is there a powder for that?


I have recently surpassed 90K words and approx 340 pages on my current novel. It was my goal to be finished by now, but some things just take longer than expected. That’s usually how it goes, isn’t it? At least for me it is 😉

I think I have… wait for it… “THE EDITING ITCH”

Now that I’m so close to being able to say “The End”, I find I’m getting impatient. It’s been a long road and I just want to finish. I’ve been feeling “the editing itch” (there might be an actual term for this but this is what I’m calling it). The NEED to start back at the beginning. The NEED to bring cohesion to the scattered parts; order to the chaos. The NEED to flesh out my characters and my scenes with more understanding and description.

I’m excited to dive back in and fix all my early mistakes, make sure all my tenses are the same, check to see if my main character’s name is consistent (I changed it part way through), and do all those fun things that will make my story seemless and solid. I haven’t edited any part of my story other than the prologue as I wanted to get the story out of my head first. I know it will be a LOT of work, but I’m excited! It’s the next step in my journey and one step closer to having a completed novel -one that I wrote from start to finish!

One thing I’ve learned, other than patience and perserverance, is the value of the organic process– being open to allowing the unknown to pop up in your story when you least expect it. If you’re a writer, than you know this. I could say that I “knew” it would happen and as a proud “panster” I left plenty of room for it, even expected it. Admittedly, I was not fully prepared for it to blindside me and take my characters in quite a alternate direction than where I was headed. I’d heard of this happening to others before, but to experience it was another story (which it happened to provide: a new character with her own complicated back-story with whom I instantly loved!). However, this organic process took me on a detour which ended taking a longer route than I had expected to get to the transition that I needed to reach for the home stretch. Conversely, it provided me with a new character I love, an interesting new twist with history, and alternative route to reach my desired ending. In fact, this new path may have provided a “portal”, if you will, that will bypass a large scene that I think may be better suited for the next novel to get to the end of this story (oh, btw I’m writing a series if I haven’t mentioned that before-hehe).

So all that to say that as much as I like having some control and structure in my real life, I love experiencing the organic nature of writing. I love being pleasantly surprised when the unexpected is revealed and I love/hate being shocked when my characters are being stubborn and refusing to go in the direction I intended for them (and this is “the crazy” that seems to be part of the life of a writer). It’s all part of the journey and I’m loving every bit of it! When I’m feeling frustrated and impatient that I’m not at “The End” yet, I take a deep breath and remember not to rush the organic process. I don’t just want a finished novel, I want the best story I can write.

How do I know if my novel’s finished? Because it is, at last, what I profoundly wanted it to be. And more. ~Roz Morris


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5 Reasons Why I Write…

Why write?… “We write to make suffering endurable, evil intelligible, justice desirable and love possible… But the most important is love. That after all the suffering, all the injustice, all the evil that one sees in the world, if you can rise above it and make it beautiful, and thus lovable then that’s worth a life” — Roger Rosenblatt

For some reason I have been thinking about this lately- Why do I write?  I think the answer to this will be evolving, but for why I started writing here are 5 reasons…

1. I write because they won’t shut-up.  I remember writing stories when I was a kid and years later had ideas and thoughts of grandeur about someday writing a book. However, and unfortunately, due to some “distractions” in my life I gave up (willfully or perhaps not) the hope and dream of writing fiction.  Always in the back of mind was a whisper, a tendril, a thread of desire to write- to create; it nagged to be released from the cage that I had locked it in.  Now that I have unleashed it and allowed it freedom, it is constantly on my mind.  I hear the voices of my characters randomly throughout the day (and night) whispering to me how they would respond, interact with other characters, where they are headed next, etc.  Yes, I realize that are clinical definitions for people who “hear the voices”, but among my peers we are called writers.  I have given them life through writing and they are not willing to be quieted until their story is told.

2. I write because I read. The reasons I write are similar to the reasons I read.  I started reading fiction again after years of putting it up on a shelf (yes, both literally and figuratively) as circumstances in my life started getting more stressful and to be honest, I needed an escape.  That’s what I found once again in fiction.  I was able to flee into someone else’s life: to be apart of a new adventure each time I opened a new book, to meet new friends, to be the heroine, to be in control of my destiny when IRL I felt at a loss, to fall in love all over again with the hero (please note that I have my very own IRL hero that I fall in love with more and more everyday), to slay the bad guys and to gain the victory, and to travel not only all over the world but also to discover other dimensions, realms, and new worlds.

3. I write for others. For all those same reasons I read, I write with a hope for the future opportunity to be able to share with others.  I hope to be able to provide for others what books have provided for me.  Not only escape, but also the chance to experience life with all it’s challenges, losses, fears, hopes, dreams, and most importantly love through the eyes of others.

4. I write for me. Now in my early 30’s, I find I am finally discovering more of who I am and becoming more confident in myself as an adult.  I write for me.  I find more of myself each time I write, discovering and growing into the woman I am trying to be.  I write for me because I need a creative outlet.  Sometimes, I find that if I’m struggling with trying figure out something in my real life it will come to me when my character is trying to sort through something and vice a versa.  Writing has become a part of me, changed me and continually causes me to grow.  I write for me because I LOVE it.

5. I write because above all else, I have a story to tell.

Little Accomplishments

My current WIP (work in progress) that I’ve been working on (well on and off for the last 2 years) has just hit a milestone, or at least what I consider a milestone.  I just recently past 50,000 words and 200 pages!  I have always wanted to write a book, but was never sure if I actually could so this is a big deal for me.  I wanted it documented to remind myself that I CAN do it as long as I stick with it and keep writing.  So YAY! And yes, I did a little happy dance when I hit this milestone.  Yes, I still have a ways to go and yes, it’s only a rough draft, BUT people that’s 50k words and 200 pages that has never existed and I CREATED it and I’m EXCITED!

So CHEERS! Here’s to the next 50,000 words (or however many it takes me to finish) because I WILL finish this book.


AGGHHHH! At this very moment my husband is reading my VERY VERY rough draft of my novel thus far. Only 1 person has read it and even then it was only the first couple chapters. Oh my mind is reeling with how disjointed and unfocused it is. I haven’t even gone back and read it from the beginning in awhile and for some reason think that I have a couple chapters out of order. Oh the insanity! That’s what he is going to say when he’s done, I’m sure of it. I altered my characters a bit as I went and need to go back and make them cohesive. What if he hates it? What if it’s not interesting or any good? I wish I didn’t know that he was reading it RIGHT NOW because I can’t think of anything else.

People may not realize how personal writing is, especially fiction. It is telling of my imagination and my ability (or inability) for descriptions that will invite and include others into my world and to let anyone in, even he that is closest to my heart and my biggest supporter, is a very BIG stretch for me.  I’m scared.  At least I am not home and can’t see his initial reactions, because like I said, it’s ROUGH.  Of course, I will want people to read it and re-read it and give me critiques, but when it is MUCH further along.  This will be hard to get used to.  Is it just me or do others feel this way with their first WIP?  Ok, I must keep writing so my time is not wasted.  Stay tuned…

DAY 1!!

Day 1 of NaNoWriMo has now come and gone, well for me it has.  I am done for the day.  My day did not go how I thought it would but surprisingly when I had the chance to write, the words were flowing.  I met my goal and exceeded it!  I know there will possibly be days when I am not able to, for whatever reason, meet my goal so I am trying to build a bit of a word buffer when I can.  I am exhausted and headed to bed.  I will not bore you with updates from every day, but will pop in sporadically with a few tidbits from the story and word counts.


1 Day to NaNo

1 DAY LEFT?!  When did this happen? Time went by so fast and I’m SO not ready to start NaNoWriMo.  I’m still not sure why I thought I could complete 50,000 words in 30 days.  I must have been feeling impulsive.  Oh well, I’m IN and I’m doing it.  To be honest, I’m actually excited about it.  Yes, feeling nervous, scattered, and wondering where in the hell I’m going to find the time to write all this and if the story is going to come together.  I’m a little more prepared than I thought I would be.  I fully planned on winging it when I first signed up, but I actually have a rough plot and my main characters profiled out.  My new notebook is ready (as I like to have a paper notebook/binder to keep track of my ideas, characters, etc.,) and I recently loaded the NaNo trial version of Scrivener – a writing software- and did the tutorial to get the most out of it.  I thought it would be a perfect time to test it out and see how I like it because if I complete my 50,000 words I can get the full Scrivener at half price (not a bad deal).  What else?  Oh, I have some candy and caffeine, my new fingerless gloves for when it’s chilly, my favorite Disneyland mug that makes me think happy thoughts, some new music, and an awesome new haircut/style that brings me new perspective as we head deeper into the Fall/Winter seasons.

So the countdown is on.  Already in some of the eastern countries they have reached their “midnight” into Nov 1st and have begun.  I will attempt to keep posts as to my progress and word counts (as long as I’m making good progress- I really don’t want to embarrass myself- lol).  Next for me is to relax, rest my brain and my fingers so they are fresh for tomorrow and enjoy the rest of my Halloween before the crazy begins 🙂  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Have I lost my mind?! YES.  Because of course I have extra time between chasing my 15month daughter around, settling into our new place, making some money, and working on my current WIP to add an intense national online writer’s challenge to finish a 50,000 word novel over 30 days.  Why not? Unfortunately, you are not allowed to continue working on something you have already started; however, fortunately, for me I have had an additional idea bouncing around in my head and this will be a great opportunity for me to flesh it out and see if it takes shape.

So NaNoWriMo here I come.  I have never done this before.  I looked into it last year, but we were in the middle of moving across country so I didn’t think it was a convenient time, but when is right? 😉 So this is it! I’m going to go for it and hope to God, that I can finish or at least give it a decent go.

So, I’m beginning to plot.  I’ve got my new notebook dedicated for this story (I like to have a notebook for each story to make random notes and ideas, keep track of characters, plot and setting notes, etc. – I also just read a post from the Paperback Writer blog on her notebook style inspiring me with further organization.)  I’ve got my main characters sketched out and the story is taking shape in my head.  I tend to be a “panster” (one who flys by the seat-of-her pants) and wing it, but I also like to do a little planning so I have an idea of where I’m going at least.  I have tried since high school- probably even earlier than that- to be organized and write by outline and plot points, but to no avail.  I tend to work best off of a title or a main character.  I don’t know why, just the way my brain works.

So for now, my story involves: a boy and a girl, magic of sorts, fight or flight, loss and love.  Young adult urban fantasy.  What more could you want, right?!

Stay tuned…

PS, if you too are a NaNoWriMo participant this year, come find me!  My username is Mjmayze