Am I Lost? Or Are They?

I should be writing, but it’s not really happening.  I’m even out, away from my distractions at home; unfortunately, I came to Starbucks today which was a mistake because there are more distractions here and it is so LOUD!  I usually like to write at Borders or another local cafe when I write, but today a Cranberry Bliss bar won me over.  They are my FAVORITE and they are only around during this holiday season.  Borders usually works for me FYI – I find it inspiring to be around all those books and all that creativity and imagination and it is one of my “happy” places (that and Target… just sayin’).  And I digress.

So I should be writing.  I have even made several different attempts and read and re-read what I had previously written trying to inspire this next scene but for some reason, it just isn’t flowing.  So FRUSTRATING! (in an expressive mood apparently with all the caps;)  I know where I am trying to get, but I am having a hard time finding the path to getting there from where I am now.  In other words… I’m LOST!

What do we do when we lose something? Retrace our steps.  So I did and I am, but I’m still not finding it.  What do we do when we get lost? People always say, especially to kids, “If you get lost, STAY PUT, and someone looking for you will come and find you”.  And they can’t very well find you if you are continually moving from one place to the next, now can they?  So in my mixed up metaphor, does that mean I need to just stay where I am and keep reflecting and the characters will come and find me?  Or are they (my MCs) lost and I need to find them?  Obviously, I am still trying to figure this out, but I thought perhaps if I wrote it out I would get more clarity.  Unfortunately, I think I may be even more confused, LOL.

*A few minutes later and after more schizophrenic deliberation*… LIGHTNING STRIKE! (ok a bit overkill but sounded awesome in my head)  I think I have come to a point where I do not know my characters deep enough to know their responses/actions in their present situation to get them from point A to point C.


Well, I got nothing else.  So that’s where I am going to start.  Even if it’s not the key to get me out of my funk, it can’t hurt to keep exploring one’s characters.  Right?

Here’s to the journey… CHEERS!

Mmm... Peppermint White Mocha



2 thoughts on “Am I Lost? Or Are They?

  1. I love the mint brownies at Starbucks during Christmas! Haven’t tried the cranberry bliss bars yet.

    Looks like we’re NaNoWriMo fail buddies! I got to 7K on one story and 10K on another, but that was it. It was still fun, though.

    • morganwylie says:

      Ooo, I haven’t tried the mint brownies, but they sure sound good right now 🙂

      Yay for NaNoFail! 😉 I think I got about 18K on a story that might not have happened for awhile otherwise so that was good.

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