NaNo Fail

November has come and gone like a blur of motion.  November 1st went off like a shot fired at the commencement for the NaNoWriMo challenge to write 50K words in 30 days.  I was excited and even a bit prepared having spent some time pre-NaNo developing my main characters and plotting my… well, my plot (pun not intended ;).  I jumped in with both feet and starting accruing word count totals that gave us all tingly little feelings to go log in on the NaNo website to post our new totals for each day.  For me, life crept in and subtly started stealing my time more and more like having some jobs that make money come up (which um kind of a necessity), then the baby got sick (and clingy), then mom (me) and dad were fighting the dreaded soar throat and runny nose that so many seemed to be contending, then my sister and fam from out of town came in for the week of Thanksgiving…. Yes, yes I know these are all excuses, valid or not.  Could I have made more time for writing?  Sure if I wanted to stay up most nights and then get up at 530 with the toddler (bc that’s when she was getting up while sick), but to be honest I was just wiped out by the end of the day and I just didn’t want to.  There it is, honesty… After all is said and done, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Oh, I felt guilty about it alright, even frustrated and then disappointed, but once I was honest with myself and decided that it was ok for me to focus on my family and the things that we were going through, I felt (dare I say it…) relieved.

So did I finish NaNoWriMo?  Do I really need to answer that?  NO, I didn’t finish and I am disappointed, but I did learn some positive things about myself and I got a good start on a new novel that I actually like and will continue to work on.

What did I learn, you ask?

1. Some good character development techniques as I prepared

2. If I actually sit down to write somewhat consistently, even if I didn’t begin with ideas, words eventually begin to flow hopefully into something cohesive and interesting.

3. Some techniques about how to write fight scenes with swords, knives, etc. from a class I took via other NaNo’s in my area.

4. I became a part of a large community of like-minded or at least like-goaled people.

5. If I can set aside time to write at least 2k words a day I really could finish my novel in a timely manner, and I actually think I could given the time.

6. I got to give back to help literacy and writing programs through the book drive that NaNoWriMo supported.

That’s all I got for now.  Will I attempt to do it again next year? I’m not sure but I think so.


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