Off to Write…

After a month of not writing, I am finally sitting down to write on my WIP… and yes, I am apparently writing on my blog and not the said WIP.  It is taking me some time to get my brain back in gear.  After moving and trying to get settled back in town (we just moved back to my hometown in WA after first of all, having moved to Nashville for 6 months and then moving back to WA and living at the lake for the summer) and finding jobs to make actual money my brain had gone on hiatus.  Now, it is time to get back in creative mode, I feel it inside in my bones (or somewhere deep) tugging at the back of my mind; my characters yearning to have voice and personification through my hand.  I need to give them life. I need to create.  All that said, and desire aside, I am finding it overwhelming to actually focus and put pen to paper.  I know once I can just make it happen, words will ultimately flow – maybe not this time, but soon if I keep at it.  My husband is the best there is and he is so supportive of my own dreams and goals and encourages me with words like: “Go write something Great!”  No pressure.

So here I sit in Border’s cafe writing this short blog trying to get the juices flowing… So flow words flow!  I know it’s in me somewhere, I just have to find the right fissure of content to break open.  Write something GREAT!!


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